Padua, the city of knowledge and art

Welcome to Padua, a fascinating and vibrant city located in the heart of Veneto. Famous for its ancient university and extraordinary artistic heritage, Padua offers a unique experience blending culture, history, and innovation. Hotel New Genziana is delighted to welcome you and be your starting point for exploring the wonders of this dynamic and captivating city.

Padua is a city rich in historical monuments, churches, and places of interest. Among the main attractions to visit are:

  • Scrovegni Chapel: This 14th-century art masterpiece, frescoed by Giotto, is one of Padua's most precious treasures. Book your visit in advance to admire the scenes of Christ's life and the Virgin Mary painted on the walls and ceiling of the chapel.

  • Prato della Valle: The largest square in Italy and one of the most extensive in Europe, Prato della Valle is an ideal place for strolling, relaxing, and admiring the surrounding statues representing illustrious figures from Padua's history.

  • Basilica of Saint Anthony: This imposing place of worship, a pilgrimage destination for people worldwide, houses the relics of Saint Anthony of Padua. Inside, you can admire numerous works of art, including Donatello's famous "Crucifix."

  • Botanical Garden: Founded in 1545, the Padua Botanical Garden is the oldest university botanical garden still in existence worldwide and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An oasis of peace and knowledge, where you can discover rare and curious plants from all over the globe.

Padua is a fascinating city rich in history, art, and culture, offering an engaging and unique experience. While staying at Hotel New Genziana, you will have the opportunity to discover all the wonders of this vibrant and historically-rich city. Please do not hesitate to contact our reception for further information on tourist attractions and events in Padua.